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Last Updated: Sep 05, 2017 01:28PM EDT
When will you shut down the Stackdriver app?
We will shut down Legacy Stackdriver on December 1, 2017.

Can you help me move my account?
Depending on the size of your account and the order in which you requested assistance, our team will be able to assist you with moving your account configuration from Legacy Stackdriver to Google Stackdriver.

Will I need to install a new agent?
Yes. The Google Stackdriver agent authenticates differently and therefore you will need to use a version of the agent that is able to send metrics to the new system. Learn more

Can I run the old agent and the new agent at the same time?
Yes. Doing so requires you to create a new instance of the agent with a few extra config files and a new private key. Learn more

Will I need to rewrite my custom metrics?
Yes. Our new custom metrics API includes the addition of labels and metric descriptors and therefore requires reformatting in order for old style custom metrics to fit the new schema. Similar to the agent, the new metrics API authenticates differently than the old API. Learn more

Are the APIs between the two services the same?
No. We have a new metrics API that is much more flexible in terms of reading and writing. In regards to the UI, available actions are limited to Group functions but we are working on Dashboard, Uptime and Alerting APIs as well. Learn more

Can you migrate my groups/dashboards/alerts?
We do not have a programmatic way of moving Group, Dashboard, Alert or Uptime configurations from legacy Stackdriver to Google Stackdriver. For current Stackdriver customers, we're offering a 6 month free deployment period on Google Stackdriver to spread out any time required to rebuild preferences and configuration in the new app.

Does Google Stackdriver cost more? What about logging?
No. The fully-featured paid tier of Google Stackdriver ($8 per resource) is less expensive than the fully-featured Elite tier ($12 per resource). Logging is included in the standard cost of Google Stackdriver. Learn more

Can I monitor an AWS account with Google Stackdriver and legacy Stackdriver at the same time?
Yes. When you create a new Google Stackdriver account you will be asked to connect your AWS account and create a new IAM role policy. Both versions of Stackdriver will collect metrics from CloudWatch without any issue.

Please contact us at stackdriver-migration@google.com with any additional questions. 
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