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Agent Release Notes

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2016 01:55PM EDT
The following provides basic information on the changes which are present in each build of the agent package. Note that package version and release are synced across distributions.  Some fixes are relevant only to a single platform (and are marked accordingly).

25 March 2016: stackdriver-extractor-92

  • Improved setup for use with Google Stackdriver

17 March 2016: stackdriver-agent-5.5.0-269, stackdriver-extractor-91

  • More updates for our future data backend

3 February 2016: stackdriver-agent-5.5.0-266

  • More updates for our future data backend

16 December 2015: stackdriver-agent-5.5.0-257

  • Support for GenericJMX

  • Work towards supporting a future write backend

5 August 2015: stackdriver-agent-5.5.0-228

  • Fixed a bug with collectd, which prevented Elastic Search metrics from being collected.

9 July 2015: stackdriver-agent-5.5.0-225

  • Added support for the varnish plugin on EL7, Jessie and Wheezy

6 July 2015: stackdriver-agent-5.5.0-222

  • Updated to collectd 5.5.0

14 May 2015: stackdriver-extractor-78, stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-196

  • Improvements to error handling when API key can't be validated
  • Fixes the extractor package for Amazon Linux 2015.03
  • Fix a race condition in the MySQL plugin when the MySQL server isn't available when collectd starts
  • Support for Debian Jessie

12 February 2015: stackdriver-agent-39.exe

  • Windows agent now support silent install and upgrade. Do -
    stackdriver-agent-39.exe /APIKEY=<your_api_key> /S

8 December 2014: stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-185, stackdriver-extractor-72

21 November 2014:  stackdriver-agent-35.exe

  • Stackdriver now supports specifying a http_proxy for the windows agent.

10 November 2014:  stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-183

  • Actually turn on the timeouts from -182
  • Remove conflict with different versions of varnish from the agent packages.  You can still only use the varnish plugin if you have the same version that we are built against, but this lets you get system metrics at least
  • Add ability to read api key from GCP project-wide metadata.  If you set stackdriver-agent-key, the value will be used for the api key

28 October 2014:  stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-182

  • Added LowSpeedLimit, LowLimitBytesPerSec, and PostTimeoutSec parameters to write_http plugin. Setting LowSpeedLimit and/or PostTimeoutSec should prevent the agent from hanging when a connection is dropped.

9 October 2014:  stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-174

  • Add Open TCP Connections to the list of metrics collected.
  • For windows, Open TCP Connections is supported by stackdriver-agent-34.exe.

24 September 2014:  stackdriver-extractor-70

  • Fix errors in the stack-config command running on python 2.4 (EL5)
  • Fix errors with the extractor when going through some types of proxies

10 September 2014:  stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-168

  • Added a build for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, CentOS 7 and other compatible distributions

10 September 2014:  stackdriver-extractor-66

  • Adds more information to the stack-config info command for diagnosing problems with seeing your agent data in Stackdriver

21 August 2014:  stackdriver-extractor-63

  • Improved the logging around short lived processes that we fail to collect information about in time. (ls, top, tail, etc.)

21 August 2014:  stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-166

  • This adds a new plugin which will be used in the future for sending data in a different format (write_gcm).  It is currently not set up or used by default.

3 July 2014:  stackdriver-extractor-61

  • Fixes a bug when installing on a Google Compute Engine instance
  • Add curl to the list of dependencies to ensure it's installed for discovering instance id

3 June 2014: stackdriver-extractor-56

  • Fixes to the extractor http proxy support. 

28 May 2014: stackdriver-extractor-55

  • Fixes to the Stackdriver extractor when running on EL5 distributions
  • Support http proxies for the extractor.  If you configure a proxy in /etc/sysconfig/stackdriver, then it will be used both for the agent and the extractor

28 April 2014: stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-157

  • The stackdriver-agent package now requires the stackdriver-extractor package (44-1).  The extractor provides support for fetching additional system information including information on processes for process monitoring
  • Builds are now available for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr)
  • A new repo is available with builds for Amazon Linux 2014.03 or newer due to changes in that release which are slightly incompatible with EL6.  See information on where to get the repo here
  • All agent repo configurations have been updated to grab the GPG key from https://app.stackdriver.com/RPM-GPG-KEY-stackdriver to avoid problems some people have seen with accessing the key on our main corporate site.
  • BETA: Support for monitoring servers outside of just cloud environments.  Read more

24 March 2014: stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-145

11 March 2014: stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-134

  • Minor initscript tweaks to support server monitoring.  No visible changes.

17 February 2014: stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-131

  • Fix for agent crash on startup for some cases where multiple libcurl using plugins are enabled

5 February 2014: stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-130

  • You can now set PROXY_URL in the config file (either /etc/sysconfig/stackdriver or /etc/default/stackdriver depending on your Linux distribution) to use a proxy for the outgoing https

4 February 2014: stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-128

  • Builds against the OpenSSL originally shipped in EL 6.0 rather than depending on any updates for users who are pinned and don't get updates (el6 only)
  • Support passwords for connecting to redis up to 512 characters (the max for redis)

24 January 2014: stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-124

  • Allow reporting statistics from MongoDB secondary nodes

17 January 2014: stackdriver-agent-5.3.0-123

  • Include libcurl linked against OpenSSL instead of using system libcurl which uses NSS to avoid memory leaks in long-running processes using libcurl+NSS (el6 only)
  • Add new build for EL5 
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