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Maintenance Mode for Alerting

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2015 03:24PM EST

What is maintenance mode for alerting?


Maintenance mode disables specific resources from triggering a policy violation.  Maintenance mode needs to be set on each resource individually.   All policies that include that resource, whether individually or in a group, are affected by maintenance mode. You can enable or disable maintenance mode on any instance or load balancer page.


You can also Get or Update the status of an instance or load balancer in maintenance mode via our API.


Supported resources for maintenance mode

  • instances
  • ​load balancers
  • databases

How does the alerting policy handle the disabled resource(s)?

  • If the resource(s) violates a policy, an incident will not be triggered.

  • As soon as a resource is put in maintenance mode, the system will not generate any notifications in the application, via email or 3rd Party services.

  • An alert will trigger for a policy that included the disabled resource if any other enabled resource violates the policy.

  • Policy violations prior to a resource entering maintenance mode will remain open unless it is auto resolved during maintenance mode.  If the incident is auto resolved during maintenance mode, no notifications will be sent.


How long after maintenance mode is removed will a violation be triggered?


The resource will be included on the next evaluation of the policy.  For agent metrics, evaluation will occur within a minute.  For CloudWatch metrics that update less frequently, this will take up to 15 minutes.

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