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Integrating with PagerDuty

Last Updated: May 08, 2014 05:09PM EDT
Integration with PagerDuty allows for one-way or two-way incident resolution with the Stackdriver service. Follow the steps below to get started.

PagerDuty setup

  1. From the PagerDuty dashboard, click Services from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

  1. On the right side of the page, click the green Add New Service button.

  1. A form titled Service Details will open:

    1. Fill in the service name (ex. “Stackdriver PagerDuty”).

    2. Set your escalation policy.

    3. Under Service type, choose Generic API system.

    4. Click the Add Service button at the bottom.

  1. On the service page under Integration Settings, copy the string next to Service API key.

Stackdriver setup

  1. From the Stackdriver homepage, click Account in the top right and then Account Settings from the dropdown.

  1. Under Settings, select Notifications from the left navigation.

  1. Select Add button.


  2. Fill in Service Name with the same name you used in step 3a of the PagerDuty setup section. Fill in API Key with the Integration Service API Key that you copied from the PagerDuty service page.

  1. Now when you create a policy, you’ll see an option for PagerDuty in the dropdown under in the Notifications section.


Advanced Integration (Pagerduty Sync)

  1. To enable two-way sync with the Stackdriver service, click API Access in the navigation bar. You will need to be an account administrator to have access to this section.

  2. Add a description for the key (ex. “Stackdriver Sync”), check “Read-Only” API Key then click Create Key.

  1. Note the key created and head to your Stackdriver service.

  1. To set up sync, head back to your Account Settings page and click Notifications under Settings. Next to PagerDuty Sync API, click Configure.

  1. Fill in API key name with name you used in step 2 of the PagerDuty Sync setup.

  2. Fill in your company subdomain name used to navigate to PagerDuty.

  3. Fill in Api key with the API Access Key you copied from the PagerDuty setup section.

  4. Click submit to finish. Now Stackdriver incidents resolved or acknowledged in PagerDuty will be resolved in both applications. 


*For documentation concerning authentication, click the link below.


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