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Apache plugin

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2016 10:55AM EST



Apache is a web server software program available for a wide variety of operating systems including Unix, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Novell NetWare, OS X, Microsoft Windows, OS/2, TPF, and eComStation. For more information visit http://httpd.apache.org/


As you install the Apache plugin on your instances, Stackdriver will populate the Apache service page with inventory and metrics. Without the agent or plugin installed, Stackdriver will look for Apache services running in your environment by:

  • searching instance names for “apache

  • checking for ports opened to 80 or 443 via a security group



Configuring Stackdriver to monitor Apache


Use the following instructions to configure the Apache plugin for the Stackdriver agent.



The apache plugin requires that you enable the mod_status plugin in Apache.  Use the following in your Apache httpd config:

ExtendedStatus on
ServerName local-stackdriver-agent.stackdriver.com
<Location /mod_status>
  SetHandler server-status
  Order deny,allow
  Deny from all
  Allow from

Be sure to restart apache after adding this config.


Enabling the Apache monitoring plugin

Place the following code in a config file at “/opt/stackdriver/collectd/etc/collectd.d/apache.conf”:

LoadPlugin "apache"
<Plugin "apache">
   <Instance "localhost">
       URL "http://local-stackdriver-agent.stackdriver.com/mod_status?auto"

After adding files, you will need to restart the Stackdriver agent by running “/sbin/service stackdriver-agent restart”.

Information on other configuration options can be found here.


What we monitor


Once the plugin is enabled, you will be able to monitor metrics and create alerting policies related to Apache within the Stackdriver interface.


For Apache, we monitor these metrics:

  • Active Connections (count)

    • The number of active connections currently attached to Apache

  • Idle Workers (count)

    • The number of idle workers currently attached to Apache

  • Requests (count /s)

    • The number of requests per second serviced by Apache

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