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User Roles & Key Permissions

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2014 12:11PM EDT

User Roles

Stackdriver has support for three basic types of user roles:
  • Admin accounts are able to carry out all operations on your account including adding and deleting users, cloud accounts and more.
  • User accounts are able to configure monitoring dashboards, charts, and alerting policies as well as respond to all of these but are unable to do user or cloud account management tasks.
  • Read-only users cannot make any changes to the application. 
As an admin, you can set the role for a new user when you add their account or you can edit the role of an existing user from the user settings screen.

Multiple Accounts for One User

​To add an existing Stackdriver username to an additional account:

1.  Send invitation to the user from the Invite User page.  The user will receive email notification that you have add them  to the account.

2.  The user will select switch accounts from the Account drop down menu.  

3.  The account will now show in the list of accounts the user has access to:

Note:  A new account can not be added by an existing user.  Please contact support to sign up an additional account.

Key Permissions

There are three types of API key permissions to choose from:
  • Agent and Custom Metric Data - Data keys are used when sending agent or custom metric data to Stackdriver. It is also used when tagging deploy events. Keys of this type do not have the ability to read any data from Stackdriver servers.
  • Stackdriver API Read-Only - Read-Only keys are used for accessing data from the API. Only read operations are permitted with this key. Use it in scripts that don't require write API access.
  • Stackdriver API Read/Write - Read/Write keys are used for accessing the entire API including create, modify and delete actions. Use this key to control your Stackdriver account from external scripts.
You can create and edit API keys here.
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