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Stackdriver Chart Sharing

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2014 09:02PM EDT
You can now share and embed Stackdriver charts where you want them.  To do so, click on the settings cog in the upper right hand corner of any graph and select 'Share'.  You'll then be given HTML for an iframe that you can embed on any website or application that lets you use an iframe for widgets.

Beyond being able to change the size of the embedded graph, there are some additional things that you can configure regarding the behavior of your embedded graph.  For these configuration settings, you need to add query string parameters to the url source for the iframe.  Supported parameters include
  • legendLocation: The default legend location is on the bottom of your chart.  You can also configure it to be on the right by adding legendLocation=right or not show a legend at all with legendLocation=null
  • timeframe: The default timeframe is 6h.  You can specify other timeframes by passing timeframe=val where val is any of 1h for 1 hour, 6h for 6 hours, 1d for a day, 1w for a week, 1M for 1 month or 6w for 6 weeks.
  • autoRefresh: If you are putting your graph on a dashboard where you want it to refresh automatically, add autoRefresh=true to your query string parameters
If you want to stop sharing a chart, click the "Disable Sharing" button and the chart will no longer be accessible to the world.

Note that this functionality is currently only enabled for charts on custom dashboards and group dashboards.
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